Hi, I'm Eric King. I'm a graphic designer based in San José, California.

I'm a Bay Area native who loves art and design.

I specialize in Branding, Typography, Technical Illustration, and Art Direction. 

I can work across the branding spectrum from creating corporate branding collateral including Full Custom Logos and Branding Guidelines to Rebranding of existing identities including Logo Revisions and Consultation.

I favor a clean, refined aesthetic but I can just as easily accommodate loose and unique styles to add that "edge". 

Design, to me, is a lifestyle. I don't "turn off" being a designer after 5pm. I observe everything around me from a designer's perspective and am open to what my experiences on this earth provide me. 

My personal interests (other than design) include riding and working on motorbikes, board sports, ice hockey, good wine, and my favorite: spending time with family and friends. 

I am currently open to freelance opportunities and would love to speak with you about how I can help you succeed through great design.