Hi, I'm Eric. I'm half graphic designer, half wizard.

I have Bay Area origins, and currently reside in San Jose. I have also lived from Santa Cruz to the Rockies.  

I specialize in obssessing compulsively over design details and getting way too into it.

I draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of art forms from fine art and photography, to industrial design and contemporary sources. 

I currently hold a full time creative position at one of the Bay Area's largest screenprinting and embroidery businesses managing our biggest account in house. I pride myself on upholding a high standard of technical expertise from both hardware and software perspectives. The most critical technical projects ultimately end up on my desk and that's how I like it.   

Accuracy and quality at lightning speed is the name of the game. 

I enjoy Italian motorcycles and food, I'd like to surf more, and I should probably stop spending all of my money on vintage speakers. 

Now that you know way too much about me.. say hi and don’t be a stranger.